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A mailbox for all your email accounts!
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1 Mailbox

Mailbox.nl aims to become the largest mailbox portal, allowing you to log in with all your email addresses! With just one click, you can oversee all your accounts. Enjoy a beautiful and clear overview, free from advertisements and paid profiles.

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"With a clean interface, you can focus on what truly matters."

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You can log in with various mailbox clients with us. Below is a list of some. Our aim is to become the largest provider. If your mailbox is not listed,
send us a request to add your domain or mail client.

With already over 12,000 users

We're proud to announce we've reached over 12,000 users. We want to thank you and promise to continue striving to create a pleasant mail environment.


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Login en combineer met

  • 126.com    
  • 163.com
  • QKM Tech
  • gmail.com
  • gmx.com

Onderstaande mail clients

  • h4management.nl
  • hetontzorgkantoor.nl
  • hotmail.com
  • hotmail.nl
  • kpnmail.nl

  • live.com
  • live.nl
  • lk-ict.com
  • msn.com
  • outlook.com

  • qkmtech.com
  • regioondersteunt.nl
  • stichtingz.nl
  • wereldwinkel-amsterdam.nl
  • qkmtech.eu

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You can also have your mail client added without being visible on our website.

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This website has been created by the Regional Support Foundation (AMBI) without subsidies or funds. Help us and donate, so that we can assist more people and initiate more projects.

Send us a request to add your mail client.


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1 Mailbox